Alphabet 3Q numbers - Still going strong


Alphabet 3Q results Stick with the theme of Prof. Scott Galloway here. In his book The Four he says that GOOGLE is a modern man's God. Where our advantage lies as a species is that we have a superior brain to all other animals.. A brain that is so robust it can ask incredibly complex, nuanced questions but our brain isn't robust enough to answer these questions. As society becomes more affluent and educated, its dependence on a super-being decreases and church attendance goes down. Our questions don't get any easier or simpler. GOOGLE appeals to our need for a super-being as it creates a cerebral attraction to the need for answers to everything thats occupying our thoughts.


Google 2Q numbers - Revenue up, margin down


Alphabet. Alphabet is recently named as the holding company for Google, and their other businesses. Indicating that the company wants to increase their relative market shares in things outside of search. Search of course is synonymous with Google, you never hear anyone say, go Bing it or go Yahoo! it. Or for the older crowd amongst us, you never hear anyone say go Ask Jeeves it. Nor did you hear it in the days gone by, when web pages were flat html text, ah yes, the good old days!


Alphabet 1Q numbers - beat on advertising numbers


Last week we had a cracking set of numbers come through from Alphabet, the holding company of Google, YouTube, Android, Nexus, Pixel and many other smaller businesses.


Alphabet 4q & FY numbers - strong revenue growth


The company formally known as Google, Alphabet, reported their numbers for the fourth quarter and full year after the market closed last evening. Google still exists, it is just a business division. For the time being, the other businesses (aptly named "other bets") which includes a whole host of interesting opportunities, is unprofitable and contributes next to nothing on a relative basis to revenues.


Alphabet - Google introduces a new phone


Google announced a new phone yesterday, it is the "Pixel". From the website, Made by Google, the intro is titled Meet Pixel, Phone by Google. There was also the release of a home connected device, a speaker that is powered with the "Google assist" software. It is activated by saying, "OK Google". Remember that to activate Siri, you simply say, "Hey Siri". When I do this at my desk, it seems to activate Michael's (next to me) phone. Good voice projection I guess. And then some streaming devices, "coming soon", premium TV to Audio streaming. The connected home is here, it will take a while to integrate it all and my sense is that we will all bumble through until we learn. The internet of things is being unveiled in front of our eyes here, with the Amazon Echo, Apple HomeKit and Google Home automation devices. And Virtual Reality headsets, don't forget those.


2Q Alphabet numbers really strong


Alphabet reported numbers last evening, this is for the second quarter to June 2016. The half year too, something that we are a little more accustomed to around these parts. Revenues for the quarter grew 21 percent over the comparable quarter in 2015, and 6 percent better than the previous quarter. Yowsers, that is some pretty exceptional growth. In constant currencies, as we still live in a world of relative Dollar strength to everything else, revenues increased 25 percent relative to the quarter this time last year. For comparisons sake to Facebook, who reported yesterday, Alphabet clocked revenues of 21.5 billion Dollars, more than three times that of Facebook.


Alphabet 1Q 2016 Numbers - Paid clicks up 29%


Last week we had Alphabet Announcing First Quarter 2016 Results. This is only the second time that the results have been released under the name Alphabet. Before that it was known as Google.


Alphabet 4Q and full year numbers


Alphabet, the company formally known as Google reported numbers after the market close last evening. I am pretty sure that you have read the headlines already, Google overtakes Apple as the most valuable company in the world is what they read. And of course that is true, as of the close last evening Apple had a market capitalisation of 539 billion Dollars (the trillion Dollar curse), whilst Alphabet, and this is knowing your ABC's, was at 517 billion Dollars. In the aftermarket however, Google is up just over four percent, which means that it is touch and go as far as to which company is bigger. Of course this is always on paper, the stock, Google that is (we will continue to use it interchangeably, Google and Alphabet), is in unchartered territory. And I remember not so long ago that the chattering classes were referring to Google as a one trick pony, they were losing their mojo, and, and, and .....


Comfortable quarterly beat, 1st time as ABC


I am an Alphabet, not a Googler. Surely not at the headquarters, people who work for Google, will still work for Google and are by extension Googlers. Not Alphabeters. The reason for the renaming and reorganisation of the business was essentially to take focus away from the business being a one pony trick, purely advertising and to focus on all of their other businesses including robotics, life sciences business, just a separation and reporting differently, that is all.


Google does a reshuffle


There was an interesting announcement from Google last evening, after the market closed: Google Announces Plans for New Operating Structure. The holding company is Alphabet, the website is That is pretty cool, and the design is clean, G is for Google. Larry Page will be running Alphabet, Sergey Brin will be his partner, not much changes there. Sundar Pichai will run Google, he is highly regarded and got tweets of encouragement from the likes of Satya Nadella, the Microsoft CEO, Tim Cook, the Apple CEO and Google Chair, Eric Schmidt. He comes with a top pedigree, is only 43 years old, born in Chennai, I am just guessing that he is a huge MS Dhoni fan.


Google Q2 numbers


Google has been a serious laggard, in terms of their price performance relative to the market. As I speak to many people about companies it is human nature for us to look at share price performance and translate that to internal company dynamics and quite quickly come to the conclusion that Google "is not doing that well", we are ALL guilty of that. Don't beat yourself up, we all do it. Revenue growth of 11 percent year over year (when measured against Q2 last year), serious currency headwinds in there, constant currency revenue growth was 18 percent. 17.7 billion Dollars in revenues for the quarter is pretty impressive, currency impact was a whopping 1.6 billion Dollars, with the benefit of modest hedging that was reduced to 1.1 billion Dollars. GAAP diluted EPS clocked 4.88 on GAAP net income of 3.351 billion Dollars. 9 out of every 10 Dollars are still from advertising, check out the revenue breakdown:


Results and YouTube turns 10


YouTube turned 10 unofficially yesterday. On the 23rd of April 2005, the first ever post titled "Me at the Zoo" was uploaded by Jawed Karim, the co-founder of YouTube. The clip itself is terrible. It is shocking actually. I guess the company has been a success beyond their wildest dreams. Check this out, the first and only ever video, as per below the link.


Google's new CFO


Oh! That is interesting, the fact that Google have managed to drag a Wall Street type across the country from New York to the Googleplex, which is in Santa Clara County for any of you that have ever been close to that part of the world. Well, do you know the way to San Jose? Ruth Porat better know the way, she has landed the job of CFO at Google, leaving the same job at Morgan Stanley. Check out the Google release: Ruth Porat to Join Google as Chief Financial Officer. The only thing that sticks out for me is that when Porat joined Morgan Stanley in 1987 (an interesting year for equity markets) Larry Page and Sergey Brin were 14. They were going through their geeky years at high school, we all remember those.


Google 4th Quarter and full year results


Google. You can use it as a verb. As in the "old" days when I asked my pops what something is or was, he said, go look in the dictionary or the encyclopaedia. Now days you can use the company name as a verb, in other words, go Google it! The company turns 17 this year, in September, the founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are still at the helm, the ex CEO and now chairman, Eric Schmidt is still large and in charge at the business. Recently Google has had some slippage, some questioning that they only have the one business. Whilst looking at their business revenues, it becomes clear that it is all about internet and search.


Google 3rd quarter results


When Larry met Sergey in 1995 at Stanford University and by 1996 they had built their first search engine. The name Google is a play on the word googol which is a mathematical term for a 1 followed by 100 zeros (nerd alert). Today Google is a regular in everyones vocabulary. It has an answer for everything and more importantly it has the answer that you were most likely looking for.


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