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On Thursday evening Booking Holdings or more commonly known as released their Q2 numbers. Even though the numbers were on the low side when compared to what analysts were expecting, the stock still jumped 5%. Makes for a nice change, the last few quarters their numbers were on the high side but the stock dropped anyway. Who knows what will happen to share prices in the short run.


Booking, Good Growth Poor Guidence


On Wednesday night last week Booking Holdings released their 4th quarter and full year numbers for 2018 . For 2018 the company had gross travel bookings of $92.7bn. That is R1.3 trillion! This was a 14% increase from 2017. Revenues from all these bookings for the company were $14.5bn. That means that 15.6% of booking revenues goes to the company. From that revenue, they made a net income of $4.4bn which showed a 16% increase from 2017 and a 20% increase in earnings per share to $92.59.


Booking Q3 - Ups their guidance


Everybody loves to travel, and it's becoming more and more popular all around the world as middle-class income levels rise. Which is why we recommend that you hold shares of the globe's leading online travel agency, Booking Holdings.

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The world leader in online travel and related services, Booking Holdings, or previously known as Priceline released their numbers for the second quarter. The shares of the company closed down 5% because management forecasted a disappointing outlook for the third quarter. The third quarter includes Northern Hemisphere summer travel season which is usually the busiest time for the travel giant.


Booking 1Q - strong growth, misses on guidance


Booking Holdings breached quarterly travel bookings of $25 billion for the first time in its history, an increase of 21% from this time a year ago. This amounted to revenues of $2.9 billion for the 1st quarter of 2018 and gross profits of $2.3 billion, an increase of 25% from the prior year. Equating to $12.34 a share, smashing expectations of $10.


Booking Holdings continues to surge


At the end of February, the former Priceline group, now Booking Holdings, released their full year numbers. In years gone by, we would call Priceline the largest company that you have never heard of. With the name change to Booking Holdings, at least you can associate it with their main webpage,


Priceline 3Q - results beat, guidance miss


Many people do not know Priceline. The name of the of the company is not synonymous with it's strongest brands. In reality, this is an $80 billion online travel booking behemoth. Who better to explain what they do than the company itself. The following comes from their latest results report.


Priceline 2Q - low on guidance


On Tuesday night after the market close, the world's biggest online travel company, Priceline reported their 2Q numbers. They had revenues of $3 billion up 18%, ahead of expectations and net income of $720 million up 24%, also ahead of expectations. As is the case with any company, especially fast growing tech companies with high expectations, the past period is of less importance the then next quarter. Their guidance of earnings growth of between 4% and 10% was a bit lower than the market expected resulting in the stock selling off 8%. It is still up over 30% for the last 12 months, so where you draw the line in the sand matters.


Priceline Q1 disappoints. great opportunity ahead


On Tuesday The Priceline Group Reported Financial Results for 1st Quarter 2017, which were a mixed bag but ultimately lower than the market was expecting. The share closed down 4.5% on the day. Priceline is another one of those huge companies that most people have never heard of. The current market cap is just short of $90 billion, about the size of Ghana and Tanzania combined. That is a large company whose investors have high expectations, currently trading on a P/E of 42 but if all goes according to plan trades on a forward P/E of 21.


Priceline 4Q & FY numbers - still strong growth


Priceline presented numbers for their fourth quarter and full year to end December, close of business Monday. For the full year, the group had gross travel bookings (total dollar value, generally inclusive of all taxes and fees, of all travel services purchased by its customers, net of cancellations) of 68.1 billion Dollars, 23.1 percent better than the prior year. Gross profit was 10.3 billion Dollars, 20 percent better than the year prior. Non-GAAP income grew 23 percent to 3.3 billion Dollars, per diluted share, non-GAAP net income was 65.63 Dollars. Yes, per share, there are only 49 million odd shares (13 million too in treasury, what!!) in issue.


Priceline 3Q numbers - strong listing growth


Priceline reported numbers after hours. The company operates in the travel space. The investment thesis is simple, more people are going to use more online platforms to fulfil their experiences (which beats "things" in the modern era), and this business operates multiple websites and apps to facilitate that. Priceline operate and own the brands,, KAYAK,,, and OpenTable.


Priceline redline 2Q numbers


At the beginning of the last financial year, 1 April 2015, the website synonymous with online booking, (parent company and listed entity, had 670,000 places to visit. On August the 5th, 16 months later, the company announced that they had Added Its One-Millionth Property in Nantucket, Massachusetts. Of those, as you can see from the release, there are 23 million bookable rooms around the globe, with 7.2 million of those being homes, apartments and villas. Half of the total properties are NOT hotels, which in a sense allays many peoples fears that Airbnb will eat their lunch. They are all eating the same lunch. Besides, the biggest listed competitor in its space is Expedia, which is only 11.6 percent the size of


Priceline 1Q numbers - guidence lower


Priceline has recently been in the news for the wrong reasons, the CEO resigned a couple of weeks ago after admitting to having an affair with an employee of the business. An improper relationship led to Chairman Jeffery H. Boyd Appointed Interim CEO, Huston had been at the business for years and years. Why oh why can't people just keep their personal "stuff" away from the business, this happens all too regularly. I guess, who am I to judge these things, it is another reminder that no matter how you may be at the top of your respective industry, a fall from grace is possible at any moment. Big up to the board for having the courage to press on with this action against what is essentially one of the most powerful people in the company. I am pretty sure that Mr. Huston has deep regrets.


Priceline added to buy list

11-NOV-15 had results the other evening, the market was far from kind to the stock, sending it down by around 9 percent in a single session. It certainly was not as if the results themselves were bad, they were not. First, before we being reviewing those results, what is Priceline and what do they do? Quite simply, through their operating and ownership of brands you know such as, itself,, KAYAK, OpenTable (book your restaurant table) and they are the biggest provider of online travel and services on the planet.


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