AWS is Undervalued


I came across two articles talking about jobs that didn't exist a few years ago. The first, is a company that offers productivity sessions. You pay them to rent a desk for a period of time, where you have a specific task to compete. They will then check up on you during the session to see how it is going. Part of the service can include them taking your phone away from you to reduce distractions.


Amazon Q3 - Investing in Delivery Speed


On Thursday night after the market closed, Amazon reported its Q3 numbers. It reported revenue of $70 billion, growing by 24% and beating estimates by $1.3 billion. On a profit side, EPS was $4.23, missing estimates by $0.26. Lastly, the guidance for their final and biggest quarter of the year was less than expected. Once the results hit the street, the Amazon share price dropped 9% in after hours trading. Thankfully, once investors had a chance to dwell on the results and have a good night sleep, things didn't look as bad on Friday morning. When the stock closed on Friday evening it was down 1%.


Amazon's Huge Delivery Business


For the first time ever Amazon is now its own largest delivery agent. Now employing over 648 000 people, the online retail behemoth is cutting out the middle man with 390 warehouses, 50 planes, 300 trucks and 20 000 delivery vans according to this article titled Amazon Logistics Has Arrived, Early.


Amazon's Quick Delivery


Great companies are always innovating. That's why it's so thrilling to be a direct shareholder of these enterprises. I'm sure that you have seen the recent stories about Amazon becoming a giant in the shipping and delivery business.


Amazon Leaves Food Delivery Space


Amazon announced yesterday that it will be shutting down its restaurant food delivery services "Amazon Restaurants" on the 24th of June, hanging up the gloves, caving to fierce competition from GrubHub, DoorDash, and UberEats. This is wonderful news for the remaining competitors in the US.


Amazon's New Drone


Amazon has officially launched their delivery drone. Exciting times!


Amazon Buys Into Deliveroo


Last week it was announced that Amazon would be leading a $575 million investment in Deliveroo. I have actually been following this company closely for a while now because I met a couple on honeymoon who had gone to Wharton Business School with the founder of Deliveroo. They even got offered the opportunity to invest in it right at the start, which they turned down. Ouch! Having said that they also turned down 6 other startups from their classmates which all failed.


Berkshire Buying some Amazon


I have now seen it all. Berkshire Hathaway has been buying shares in Amazon. Why do I sound so shocked? Because Amazon is a notoriously expensive stock and Warren is the king of value. He has often mentioned his admiration for Jeff Bezos and Amazon but would often say he was too late.


Amazon Q1 - Record Profits


On Thursday night Amazon released their Q1 earnings. The numbers looked good. Operating cash flow was up 89% to $34.4bn. This is an important number for a company that is notoriously non-profitable because of its' high investment rate. Sales for the quarter increased 17% to $59.7bn, Net income more than doubled to a record $3.6bn or $7.09 a share. Revenues were in line with expectations but profits comfortably beat.


Amazon - 3rd Party Sellers


Jeff Bezos released his annual shareholders letter yesterday. It is my third favourite annual letter after Berkshire Hathaway and of course Vestact. He started the letter with an interesting trend.


Amazon Launches Internet Satellites


Companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook need their clients to have access to the internet. Because they have already landed most of the existing connected client base they are desperate to see more people connected. So much so that they are willing to provide internet for free.


AWS Growth


The other day I came across this interview with Jim Cramer and the CEO of Amazon Web Services, Andy Jassy. Some of the stats Andy quoted puts the potential of the AWS business into perspective.


Amazon Opens More Physical Stores


Amazon is rumoured to launch new grocery store business in a quest to conquer the world. The company has already clocked online shopping, cloud computing, streaming and has put in a lot of work into advertising and healthcare.


Amazon's China Partnership


Amazon is said to be seeking a tie-up for its long-suffering Chinese business with online market place Kaola, a company owned by tech giant NetEase. The e-commerce market in China is dominated by Jack Ma's Alibaba and Richard Liu's monolith JD.Com.


Amazon Q4 - Strong International Growth


When a company reports its results, we immediately look at four key pieces of information. Firstly, its reported profits in Dollars or Rands per share, relative to market expectations. Secondly, sales revenues relative to consensus. These two tell you right away whether we are dealing with a 'beat' or a 'miss'. Thirdly, we look at the tone of the management guidance for the year ahead. Is the outlook good, or are they guiding us lower? Finally, and most importantly of all - what is the share price reaction.


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