Nvidia has 370 Partnerships in Self-Driving Cars


When people talk of Nvidia you often think of gaming, cryptocurrencies and data centres. But one of their fastest growing sectors is self-driving cars. This article talks about Nvidia and Volvo who have partnered up on driverless trucks.

The need for driverless trucks in the US is huge because they are struggling to find truck drivers. When demand is higher than supply, prices go up. When prices are high companies look for an alternative.

Nvidia, of course, would supply Volvo with the AI capabilities. Volvo already has a few driverless vehicles operating on mines in Norway. It sounds like a good fit.

Nvidia is already working with over 370 partners when it comes to self-driving projects. These include Toyota, VW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi. This certainly has a lot of potential for the company.