NVIDIA 1Q numbers - beating expectations


For a second, imagine a world in a decades time. For reference point, cast your mind back ten years in order to appreciate how quickly "things" can change. Whilst Amazon were working on their cloud business in 2007 and Apple was about to launch the first ever iPhone, internet speeds were slow and laptops needed only so much. The thought of electric driverless vehicles in 2007 and the thought of streaming music, content streaming, original content from anyone who wasn't an established participant was a little far fetched.


NVIDIA 4Q & FY numbers - Introduction to NVIDIA


NVIDIA is a company that has managed to explode onto the scene with the advent of the PC era. When I say "gaming" to you, you think of a nerd eating pizza, drinking energy drinks and staying up all night engaging with friends and foes alike online. WRONG. Computer gaming is a 100 billion Dollar industry, NVIDIA's GeForce is the largest gaming chip on the planet, with over 200 million users. It is another form of entertainment, gaming. TenCent own the single largest game on the planet, Riot Games League of Legends is around 22-23 percent of the online gaming industry. It is an alternative and fast growing form of entertainment that appeals to many young people.


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