Nvidia Q3 - Putting Bitcoin Bubble Behind Them


Last week graphics card (GPU) maker, Nvidia released their Q3 results which beat market expectations. Over the previous 18 months the share price has been rather volatile. It reached a high of around $280, then a low of around $130 and is now trading at $205.


Nvidia Q2 - Beats Expectations


Hold on, we have one more earnings season update for you! Nvidia shares were up sharply last night after the company reported July-quarter earnings results that beat Wall Street estimates.


Nvidia has 370 Partnerships in Self-Driving Cars


When people talk of Nvidia you often think of gaming, cryptocurrencies and data centres. But one of their fastest growing sectors is self-driving cars. This article talks about Nvidia and Volvo who have partnered up on driverless trucks.


Nvidia Q1 - Returning to Growth


Nvidia reported Q1 earnings that were ahead of expectations. The leader in artificial intelligence chips had a shocking fiscal year in 2018. However, things are looking up now that the company is recovering from the slow launch for its new RTX graphics card and the dissipating cryptocurrency mania.


Nvidia's Cloud Gaming


For many clients who bought Nvidia last year, you may think the business is struggling. What you may not know is that the share is up 30% so far this year. Over 5 years it is up 815%. But since its highs in September last year it is still down 35%. The share certainly got ahead of itself.


Nvidia Buys Mellanox


Nvidia and Intel have been bidding for an Israeli chipmaker named Mellanox. Insiders suggest that Nvidia have won the bid and a deal could be announced today. Mellanox's technology specialises in transferring information from one component to another, within and between computers. This will help Nvidia maintain its lead in data centre technology, an area that I feel has the most potential for the company.


Nvidia FY - Crypto Hangover


On Thursday after the US market closed, Nvidia released their full year and Q4 numbers. The share has performed extremely well since the second half of 2015 were it to traded at around $20 a share. Fast-forward three years and it reached a high of $292.76 a share in September 2018. During times of uncertainty, it is your high-flying stocks that normally get hit the hardest. Nvidia was one of those, where the share price almost halved during the October to December sell-off, to now trade at $157 a share. If you have held the stock for three years, you are still up eight times your original investment. If you have held it for 18-months, you are unfortunately down.


Nvidia - Disappointing Trading Update


Of all of our recommended stocks, chip maker Nvidia had the worst end to 2018. Cruising at an all-time high of $292.76 per share in late September, it turned down sharply. After a negative results pre-announcement last night, it slipped further to close at $138.01. Eina! What gives?


Nvidia Q3 - Fewer Crypto sales


One of the things that I like the most about financial markets is that they provide a great way to monitor arguments about the valuation of companies. If ABC's stock is trading at $100 or R100, and I think that's a bargain price for a world-beating operation like ABC, while someone else thinks that ABC is a dog with fleas and the right price is much lower (or even zero), then I can buy it and that other person can avoid it, or even sell it short. Then we can sit back and see what happens. There is usually a clear answer in time, but the valuation is constantly changing and sometimes those swings can be very significant.


Nvidia - Becoming more efficient


Last month Nvidia, one of our US holdings, rebased their latest graphics card. The chips become more powerful with each passing year, but we are getting to the limits of current materials. The focus now is shifting from making things more powerful, to being more efficient. So with the same computing power you would be able to do more.


Nvidia 2Q - Good growth in all divisions


Computer chip-maker Nvidia released a very strong set of numbers for the 2Q on Thursday, but the share closed down 4.9% because of lower-than-expected guidance. The Santa Clara based company saw record revenues across all platforms; Datacenters, Gaming, Professional Visualisation, and Automotive.


Nvidia's new chips


Nvidia has results out later this week. But as a precursor, they released a new generation of chips on Monday. The new set of chips is called Turing, after Alan Turing, the British scientist who basically won world war two by hacking into German communications.


Nvidia 1Q numbers - Data center's have huge growth


On Thursday after the market closed,Nvidia, one of our smaller holdings, reported blockbuster numbers. Here they are. Revenue grew 66% to $3.2bn, Net Income grew by 145% to $1.2bn, and thanks to share buy-backs EPS was up even more by 151% to $1.98.


Nvidia 2Q - many paths of growth


Last week we had second quarter results from high flying Nvidia. As is often the case with stocks that have done incredibly well over a short period of time, expectations were high. The results also coincided with a sizeable tech sell off last week. The share price is off over ten percent since the results were released, trading at the same levels they were at 1 month ago. That should give you some perspective.


NVIDIA 1Q numbers - beating expectations


For a second, imagine a world in a decades time. For reference point, cast your mind back ten years in order to appreciate how quickly "things" can change. Whilst Amazon were working on their cloud business in 2007 and Apple was about to launch the first ever iPhone, internet speeds were slow and laptops needed only so much. The thought of electric driverless vehicles in 2007 and the thought of streaming music, content streaming, original content from anyone who wasn't an established participant was a little far fetched.


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