Nvidia's new chips


Nvidia has results out later this week. But as a precursor, they released a new generation of chips on Monday. The new set of chips is called Turing, after Alan Turing, the British scientist who basically won world war two by hacking into German communications.

Here is what Reuters had to say:

    "The biggest selling point of the chips is an improvement in so-called ray tracing, or the ability for the chip to simulate how light rays will bounce around in a visual scene.

    That task takes so much computing power that designers have to wait while a chip churns through the data to see the results of their work. Nvidia says the new generation of chips will let designers make those changes in real time, which could speed up the creative process - and which Nvidia hopes customers will pay a premium for."

These new chips would put Nvidia at the forefront for design professionals and movie makers. I must say, this company does some really cool stuff!