Visa Buys Into Nigerian Fintech Interswitch


As we know, Visa is a very profitable company operating in payments; a fast growing sector with lots of innovation. When you are that profitable, you are at risk of disruption. That is why Visa continues to snap up stakes in exciting payments companies.


Visa Q4 - Competing With Cash


Our biggest and most widely held stock in our client base, Visa, reported Q4 and full year numbers last night. Here is what Chairman and CEO Alfred Kelly had to say.


Visa Making Money Off Of Travel


In the travel and tourism space we hold shares. What many people do not realise is that Visa is also well poised to benefit from this growing trend . I mean, the name "Visa" should be a big enough clue.


The Leading Tower of Visa


Payments processing giant Visa reported second quarter earnings numbers last night. The San Francisco-based company has market value of over $400 billion, and is the largest portfolio holding in most Vestact customer accounts.


Visa Q2 - Beating Expectations


Visa released its Q2 earnings, showing that consumer confidence was subdued outside of the US. Increasing consumer spending in North America though, sent profits surging 14% higher. The Visa share price was only down 0.3% after-hours thanks to a very bullish picture painted by management for the second half of the financial year.


Visa Q1 numbers - beating expectations


One of the things that strikes me about following great companies for a long time is how people underestimate their ability to keep on growing. When we first advised clients to buy Visa shares, it was listing on the New York market at around $15 a share. The actual initial public offering (IPO) took place on March 18, 2008. Prior to that is was a mutual organisation, owned by the banks that issued its branded cards and used its switching network.


Visa Q4 - steady growth


Our top client holding, by the number of holders, remains fund transfer processor Visa. The San Francisco-based corporation employs just 15,000 people but has a market capitalisation of $300 billion.


Visa, backbone of payments


This opinion piece in the Motley Fool comparing Square and Visa made some interesting points. First and foremost it estimates that consumers globally still spent over $17 trillion with cash and cheques last year. That right there is the opportunity.


Visa taking pressure over swipe fees


Visa is our biggest holding in New York and has done incredibly well. In 5 years the share price is up 212%. But this does not mean we must become complacent and expect it to continue to thrive. The competition for electronic payments is heating up, and many merchants are tired of absorbing swipe fees.


Visa 3Q - keeps growing


On Wednesday evening after the market closed, our biggest US holding, Visa reported earnings. Over the last 12-months, the stock is up 40% and over the previous 5-years it has tripled in value.


Visa - 2Q good international growth


On Thursday night Visa released their second quarter results for 2018. It was another good 3 months for the company. Revenues increased 13% whilst earnings per share increased 30%.


Visa - 1Q strong growth


I get the hype around Bitcoin and blockchain technology. The notion of an unregulated, fee free, community-based network sounds great. The problem is people will always misbehave. It is human nature. Even more importantly, governments need to track payments so that they can gather taxes. No one likes paying taxes, but they are very necessary. Yesterday India expressed a will to regulate cryptocurrencies. Can you blame them? They have been working exceptionally hard to eradicate a cash based society in order to track payments and raise taxes. If Bitcoin went mainstream with no regulation, then that would have been in vain.


Visa FY numbers - Europe better than expected


Last week Visa reported their 4Q and full year numbers, beating market expectations on the top and bottom line. Reading through their earnings call, it is amazing to see the insights that they get globally, thanks to seeing spending changes. They have noticed a spending drop off in areas hit by recent natural disasters. More developed regions spending returned to normal in a shorter period when compared to less developed areas. Another thing they pick up is the impact of currency changes on spending and travelling. Speaking of travelling, they saw a 10% rise in the number of cross-border transactions; high margin business for them and good news for our investment in Priceline.


Visa 3Q numbers - A beat


Visa inc. reported their third quarter results for the period to end 30 June. It was a beat by most metrics, the business reported net income of 2.1 billion Dollars, or 86 US cents per share off revenues of 4.6 billion Dollars. Remember that Visa Europe is now fully integrated into group, payments volumes increased a whopping 38 percent to 1.9 trillion Dollars. 28.5 billion transactions in total. During the quarter, the group also returned 2.1 billion Dollars to their shareholders, by way of dividends and share buybacks (59.2 million shares bought back at an average of 86.82 for the last nine months). There is still 5.5 billion Dollars available for repurchases inside of the current program, or roughly two and a half percent of the current market capitalisation.


Visa pushing for cashless spend


"Visa has recognised the net benefits for merchants when they reduce dependency on cash transaction. Visa recently conducted a study that found that if businesses in 100 cities transitioned from cash to digital, their cities stand to experience net benefits of $312 billion per year. According to this study, in New York City alone, businesses could generate an additional $6.8 billion in revenue and save more than 186 million hours in labor, by making greater use of digital payments. This amounts to more than $5 billion annual costs savings for businesses in New York."


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