Naspers Share Buyback


Not many SA companies can do share buybacks at the moment. Realistically only one can do R22.4bn worth of buybacks and that is Naspers.


Prosus and Nasers Report Numbers


The largest consumer internet company in Europe, Prosus released its interim results for the half-year ending in September. This is the first set of numbers after the unbundling by Naspers. Just to refresh, the company has a 31% stake in Chinese internet giant Tencent, OLX,, Swiggy, Auto-trader, and MakeMytrip.


Prosus Lists


I'm really looking forward to the listing of Prosus (code PRX) on our market today. As a committed equities investor, I just love the way that companies evolve and then find their value on public capital markets. The term for this in trader parlance is 'price discovery'.


Naspers Investments into India


Ventureburn is a pretty cool South African site which focuses on everything digital from emerging markets. I have recently subscribed to their newsletter, I suggest you do too if that is something you would be interested in.


Naspers FY - Classified's Now Profitable


As mentioned on Monday, Naspers published their full year results on Friday last week. Let's get the boring numbers out of the way first; revenue was up 29%, trading profit was up 22% and core headline earnings were up 26%. That is some impressive growth!


Naspers Buys Iyzico


I hear many people loathing Naspers for pushing offshore. Both with its listing and with its investments. In truth, South Africa is a tough place to scale in the tech space because we have a small population and an even smaller middle class. The Naspers management have shareholders interests to consider, including every single South African who has exposure to listed investments on the JSE.


Naspers - Details on NewCo


Even though Tencent was down 1% in Hong Kong yesterday, Naspers closed up 4%. A divergence that doesn't happen often. In the case of Naspers, the company gave a roadmap for the listing of their international assets.


Naspers Swaps MakeMyTrip for Ctrip


On Friday Naspers announced that they are swapping their shares in MakeMyTrip, a US-listed Indian travel company, for shares in Ctrip, the largest online travel company in China. Ctrip is also listed in the US. This deal valued Naspers' MakeMyTrip stake at $1.3 billion, a 25% premium to what the shares were worth on Friday morning. The deal means that Naspers has swapped its 40% stake in a $2.4 billion company for a 5.6% stake in a $24 billion company.


Naspers to List Assets in Amsterdam


Yesterday, shortly before the market opened, Naspers announced that they intend to list their international internet assets in Amsterdam. You can read the announcement here - Naspers SENS. At one point in the morning, Naspers was higher by 1% while at the same time Tencent was down 3% in Hong Kong, effectively meaning that Naspers was up 4% on this news. At the close of the market though Naspers was down 1.6%. Tencent had closed down 3.1% so I would say that is a net gain.


Tencent Invests into Reddit


Tencent continues to diversify its business. It is a not a one trick pony by a long stretch but the regulatory environment in China is a risk. This time they have put $150m into Reddit. This values the business at $3bn. Reddit is a US based social news aggregation site. Users submit content and other users rate and discuss said content. Apparently last year the company had 542 million monthly visitors.


Naspers buys balance of Avito


Slowly but surely Naspers have been deploying their excess cash from the sale of some Tencent shares last year. On Friday Naspers said they bought out minority shareholders in a business called Avito, a Russian classifieds business. The investment was worth US$1.16 billion, at an implied enterprise value of US$3.85 billion, to acquire a further 29.1% stake in Avito which will fall within the OLX group for Naspers.


Naspers 6-month - Classified now profitable


On Friday at 15:00 Naspers released their 6-month numbers. I love reading about how all their global operations are doing; Naspers offers us in Mzanzi the opportunity to invest in the global tech space. Generally speaking, the movements in the Tencent share price are more influential on Naspers than their results, it is still worth seeing how their other ventures are doing.


Naspers adds to Swiggy investment


According to Bloomberg, it is rumoured that Naspers will again be participating in Swiggy's third fund-raising round of the year, where the company is looking to raise approximately $600 million. Swiggy is an online food-ordering and delivery business based in Bangalore, India. The company was founded in 2013 on the ethos of delivering food to the urban foodie from their favourite restaurants, a trend that is taking off like a rocket ship.


Naspers spins off Multichoice


As Michael alluded to earlier, Naspers will be spinning off Multichoice early next year. This is a significant move from a management team who are seriously trying to unlock value after a lot of pressure from shareholders.


Naspers CEO remuneration


Yesterday I spent the morning reading through Naspers remuneration reports from their last two financial years. Executive remuneration is always a tough subject to approach. What is the appropriate amount to pay the leaders of these multinational organisations? As I have said many times before, at the end of the day, it is a shareholder decision, and if shareholders don't object at the AGM then they can't complain. Also if you are not a shareholder, other things in South Africa are much more worthy of getting hot and bothered about.


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