Cerner 1Q numbers - keeping up the growth


Cerner, the IT healthcare services business, reported numbers for the first quarter last week. Quarterly revenues rose 11 percent when compared to Q1 2016, it was at the top end of guidance given by the company. Earnings per share clocked 52 US cents, compared to 43 cents this time last year. Guidance for the coming quarter was at the top end of the range around 1.335 billion Dollars, with earnings per share likely to be in the region of 61 cents per share. For the full year, the company expects the mid point of the range to be 2.5 Dollars of earnings.


Cerner FY & 4Q numbers - Revenue flat


Cerner, the specialist information technology healthcare company reported numbers after the market closed. Last year was their toughest year in a long time, spend on hospital systems slowed as uncertainty around government action in the healthcare sector increased. The fewer benefits for the public at large, from a healthcare point of view, will mean that the hospital industry will have to operate on lower costs with possibly lower outcomes. These numbers are for the full year and the last quarter, let us look at the FY numbers to get perspective. Revenues hardly budged at all, clocking 5.446 billion Dollars. The revenue backlog did rise 12 percent, which is pleasing, to nearly 16 billion Dollars. There was a shift in the sales mix to more annuity business, services and support and maintenance at the expense of new sales. This reflects what we were talking about above.


Cerner 3Q numbers - miss on revenue & EPS


Cerner, the IT healthcare services company, reported numbers and issued guidance for the coming quarter. For shareholders who are not looking to add to their positions, I am afraid the guidance and the numbers themselves fell short of expectations. Obviously the market was looking for more, the stock was down around 6 percent post the market close, i.e. in the aftermarket. What does this business do exactly? This is a business that uses current technology to make healthcare systems easier to use.


Cerner 2Q numbers - double digit growth


Cerner, the information technology healthcare business, released results a couple of sessions ago. The company is in a sweet spot, the more time goes on, the more electronic all healthcare records are likely to be. I think that there is an incredible amount of runway left, anyone who visits their local healthcare professional can attest to this. Equally, a procedure at the hospital amounts in a small forest being cleared, so many forms are needed to be filled in. Equally, in the aftercare environment, the more people involved, the more mistakes. From medicine not administered properly, to the incorrect patient receiving the wrong procedure, technology will help prevent mistakes. At the end of the day, that is the company mission: "to contribute to the systemic improvement of health care


Cerner 1Q numbers - lower guidence


Cerner is a business that focuses on healthcare intelligence. Just the other day, at the beginning of last week, there was a report that suggested Medical errors now third leading cause of death in United States. What? We wrote about their full year results in February, giving some good background to the business - Cerner 4Q and Full year numbers. Back then as we showed you, the stock swooned to a level not seen in a while, the same applies now. Certainly the company is one of the leaders that are looking to reduce medical errors, through their Hospitals & Health Systems business.


Cerner 4Q and Full year numbers


Health care is too important to stay the same. That is the payoff line for the company Cerner, founded in 1979 by three Arthur Andersen employees. The company is the largest standalone healthcare IT business in the world, essentially they operate where medical care and information technology collide. Two of those founders are still there, the CEO (and Chairman), Neal Patterson and Vice Chairman Clifford Illig.


Cerner Q3 numbers


Cerner, the information systems healthcare service provider, reported numbers earlier this week. The company announced Third Quarter 2015 Results, that unfortunately missed the lofty expectations of the market, and more unfortunate was that this was the third quarter in a row that the company has come up shy of expectations.


Cerner 2Q numbers


As promised, we are looking at the results of Cerner from two days ago. Cerner is a support system to the medical industry, supporting hospitals by providing critical digital solutions all the way through from dispensing of medicines to making sure the accounts are in order. By providing services software to make medical care more about the care, than the admin. Enabling care givers to go about their jobs easier, that is essentially Cerner's job.


Where technology meets health


Cerner, the biggest standalone IT Healthcare services business in the world, reported their Q1 numbers last evening. The company is exposed in that they are susceptible to a downturn in healthcare spend on high technological products during an economic malaise. That is what happened to them in 2008/2009, like many other service related businesses. Headquartered in Kansas City and having been around since 1979, the company has seen cycles come and go. What is evident however is that all the money that they have spent on research and development, since the business was founded (36 years), is going to be replicated in the next half a decade. This is truly an exciting time for the company.


Cerner Full year results


On Tuesday we received full year and fourth quarter results from Cerner, one of our favoured healthcare stocks listed in New York. I have explained what these guys do before but this video clip titled What is Cerner Health does a great job. It's short and paints a good picture of what this business does. For a local example think of Discovery's Vitality product. But it goes further, it integrates all this info with doctors, nurses, chemists and medical devices. Tracking ones healthcare history, their fitness and wellness as well as their finances concerning healthcare spend. Their catch phrase "Health care is too important to stay the same" certainly inspires. The company services 18 000 facilities in 30 countries.


3Q Results 2014


Cerner released third quarter results a few days back. Just as a refresher here is a copy paste from the about section on their website.


Synergies for the future


What did Cerner do? Well, they acquired the Siemens Health Service business for 1.3 billion Dollars, the deal was all cash, that part is the good news. It is immediately earnings accretive adding around 15 US cents to next years EPS and 25 US cents in the year after that. The press release says the following "By combining investments in R&D, knowledgeable resources, and complementary client bases, the acquisition creates scale for future innovation. As part of the agreement, Cerner and Siemens will form a strategic alliance to bring new solutions to market that combine Cerner?s health IT leadership and Siemens? strengths in medical devices and imaging."


Q2 2014 results


On the 24th of July Cerner reported second quarter results for 2014. Just as a refresher here is what this exciting healthcare business actually does according to the presentation.


The CERNERverse


As Sasha mentioned in early February we added Cerner to the stocks that we cover. They provide technology to the healthcare industry, the core of their business is moving as much information from paper to digital, with what they call Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Cerner's aim is "support evidence-based clinical decisions, prevent medical errors and empower patients in their care." Moving patient information to digital means that one set of records are kept for a patient that can then be accessed by the doctor treating them or the patient themselves.


FY numbers, huge growth prospects


One of the newest stocks that we started covering in the US is a business called Cerner, and they released numbers for their fourth quarter and full year yesterday. The business was founded in 1979 in Kansas City (Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz was not involved) by current CEO Neal Patterson and two other partners.


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