Tesla increases prices in China


Recently we've been getting a lot of questions on how the trade war between the U.S. and China will affect business in the short-run and ultimately their underlying share prices. Well today I come to you with a real life example in the automobile industry.


Tesla Modle 3 customise


Tesla has invited all the people that have reservations for the Tesla Model 3 to start pimping their cars for an additional $2 500. The 450 000 individuals that put down the $1 000 deposits in 2016, to reserve their spots for this new and exciting electric sedan, can finally choose their optional extras as Tesla ramps up production. So far Tesla has delivered more than 12 000 Model 3s with a goal of producing 5 000 Model 3s per week which is still yet to be seen.


Tesla Ramp Up


Tesla released a "not so bad" set of first quarter numbers versus analysts expectations seeing all-time record Q1 orders for the flagship Models S, 3 and X. The company produced 24 728 Model S & X, 9 766 Model 3 and delivered 21 815 Model S & X and 8 182 in the quarter.


Tesla 1Q production update


Sometimes the market creates self-fulfilling prophecies. Sometimes these work and sometimes they don't. More often than not, they don't work. You see, the market provides access to capital. A company's share price (size) is a big determinant of how much capital you get to access, especially if you are issuing equity. The higher your share price, the more capital you can access, the more acquisitions you can make, the faster you can grow, the higher your share price goes etc.


Tesla FY numbers - still burning cash & changing the world


Tesla reported fourth quarter and full year numbers two days ago which always sparks excitement. At the same time, Elon Musk had just launched his Roadster into space and images like this were floating around the internet.


Tesla's new truck and Roadster


WOW! Musk was right; he did blow everyone's mind at the truck launch last night in California. People are not talking about the new truck launched though, they are talking about the launch of the new Roadster. I am amazed that they managed to keep the development of the Roadster out of the media.


Tesla 3Q numbers


We have often spoken about how being a pessimist makes you sound smart and being an optimist makes you sound naive. I find this very ironic and somewhat strange on the back of a globe that is constantly improving in so many facets of life. The stats don't lie. Poverty levels have decreased, healthcare has drastically improved and more and people are living better lives. Of course there are a lot of negatives out there that need improving. One of those is the environment.


Tesla 2Q - loss smaller than expected


Last night we had Tesla results. This is always exciting for market participants even if you don't invest in the stock. People love to hear what Elon Musk has to say. Here is a quick highlights reel of what happened this quarter. Never a dull quarter for these guys!


Tesla 1Q numbers - massive sales growth


We had numbers from Tesla last week Wednesday, this was for their First Quarter 2017. Given that the Tesla share price is up 50% Year to Date, on an already lofty share price, the expectations on the company were huge. So how did they stack up?


Tesla Q1 production numbers


News from yesterday - Tesla Q1 2017 Vehicle Production and Deliveries. Around 25 thousand vehicles, which is a quarterly record. That is roughly 279 vehicles a day, or in a 24 hour day, 11.63 vehicles an hour. Which does not really sound like a lot. To reach the 500 thousand target, or 125 thousand a quarter at full tilt, the company would have to produce 57 vehicles an hour, or around one a minute.


Tencent buys 5% of Tesla


A 13-G announcement from Tesla seemed innocuous at first glance - SCHEDULE 13G. However, if you dug a little deeper, you suddenly discovered that the investor was none other than Tencent, the Chinese business that we know very well, through our investments in Naspers. So how much is this exactly? We worked it out, they paid for the full stake (8,167,544 shares divided by 1,777,842,836 Dollars) 217.67 Dollars a share. At the closing value last evening, the stake is worth 2.266 billion Dollars. Tencent are now officially a five percent shareholder of Tesla, which is cool from our perspective down here in South Africa. Why? As a Naspers shareholder, who owns around 34 percent of Tencent, you now indirectly own a stake in Tesla.


Tesla raises more cash


Tesla announced that they were raising money - Offerings of Common Stock and Convertible Senior Notes. 1.15 billion Dollars in total. Musk himself will be buying 25 million Dollars of common stock, effectively ten percent of the offering (of common). This is not unexpected, we have continued to see suggestions that the company needs to raise money. As they say in what is a very short release: "Tesla intends to use the net proceeds from the offerings to strengthen its balance sheet and further reduce any risks associated with the rapid scaling of its business due to the launch of Model 3, as well as for general corporate purposes."


Tesla 4Q & FY numbers - beat on Revenue


Tesla reported numbers after hours last night. Tesla is a business that is in build up phase, it is a hugely capital intensive business, led by a fellow that wants to change the world tomorrow. Elon Musk may not necessarily be the inventor of the electric vehicle, he certainly is at the beginning of a momentum shift where consumers are deciding that fossil fuels are not necessarily the future of powering automobiles. The combustion engine design has been tweaked over the decades, it certainly has not really changed that much in that time. Musk wants you back off the grid, he wants you to consume battery technology and be reliant on the sun for your power. I was chatting to a senior fellow who recently attended the mining indaba in Cape Town, he said that loads of people were interested in the raw materials for battery technologies. The more that the mining companies produce as a result of demand, the better for the consumer. You get the sense that the momentum shift is already afoot.


Tesla Q3 - a small profit


Tesla Motors reported numbers last evening, this was for their third quarter of the current financial year. The company is one that splits the street down the middle, those that think the man is a visionary and that it is going to take more than a quarter (or a year, or a decade) to be materially profitable and those who think that the business is eventually going to come apart at the seams, Musk dreams too much and under delivers. If you are an Elon Musk fan and can put up with your fair share of expletives, then make sure you read the Ashley Vance book on him. It is really good and gives some very valuable insight into how the guy works. He is beyond quirky and has incredibly high standards, as well as incredibly high goals. Musk can be credited for bringing forward the fleet of electric vehicles and equally promoting driverless fleets. Someone always needs to be the doer and the others will follow.


Tesla software update


Why do we not like change as human beings? Not all of us, the vast majority prefer the status quo, prefer not to upset the apple cart. I would assume that upsetting the apple cart 300 years ago would result in many apples becoming dirty and "running away" from you. We are resistant to ideas of change, perhaps as it requires mental strength to think that something should be different, it would be easier that way. Tesla is a business that can change your product overnight, whilst you are catching some z's. The software update on the Tesla autopilot will take place over the next couple of weeks. It may not work for "seeing" deer when the system switches to radar (fluffy animals apparently to Elon Musk) in snow, fog and dust.


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