J&J Baby Powder Given All Clear


Two weeks ago Johnson and Johnson announced that an FDA test had found a very minute trace (0.0002%) of asbestos in a batch of baby powder. The J&J share price dropped over 6%, wiping billions off of their market cap. Not to mention the repetitional damage and the costs involved in recalling the 'contaminated' batch. Last night, near the close of trading J&J announced that the FDA had done further tests, along with a plethora of tests done by two other independent labs, and all the tests showed zero asbestos. So why did the original test show something different? J&J explains below.


J&J Q3 - Pharma Division Doing Well


This is the second day in a row that I'm writing in this newsletter about our favourite pharmaceutical and healthcare products holding Johnson & Johnson. Yesterday it was about the (mostly) ridiculous lawsuits that they face, and today it's about their third quarter results.


J&J Legal Battles


Product-liability lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies in the US are a terrible scourge. Fuelled by idiot juries awarding gargantuan punitive awards and contingency lawyers chasing big paydays, the number of plaintiffs keeps rising.


J&J in Opioid Legal Battle


Last night a judge ruled against Johnson & Johnson versus the State in a case involving opioids. The state claimed that JNJ's false advertising helped fuel the country's opioid epidemic. The fine was for $572 million. This was far less than the market was expecting and the share price actually jumped 4% on the news.


J&J Q2 - Some Litigation Risk


Yesterday Paul wrote about JP Morgan, pointing out that it has been a bit of a boring investment lately. Today, I'm covering Johnson and Johnson (J&J), which is another slightly boring company. The reason that the organisation doesn't often produce fireworks is because it is very large, and effectively three companies in one. It is great for diversification but gains in one division can be offset by losses in another. J&J has a market value of $350 billion and generates revenues of $20.6 billion a quarter, and $5.6 billion in profits.


JNJ Q1 2019


On Monday Johnson & Johnson reported earnings for their first quarter of the year. Sales were flat, sitting at around $20 billion whilst adjusted earnings advanced by 2% to $2.10 per share.


J&J Buys Robotics Maker


We often talk about Stryker as a consolidator in the Medical Devices arena. But let's not forget that Johnson & Johnson has a $27bn per annum medical devices behemoth that is, in fact, twice the size of Stryker. Stryker has annual sales of $13.6bn.


Knee Replacements are on the Up


In the US, spending to treat all orthopaedic problems including pain in the muscles, bones and joints represents about 15 percent of overall healthcare outlay for those with medical insurance.


J&J FY numbers - Hurt by Legal Actions


Johnson & Johnson is the eighth most widely held stock in Vestact New York portfolios. We like it for its broadly diversified portfolio of healthcare assets - pharmaceuticals, medical devices and consumer products.


JnJ 3Q - Pharma doing well


Medical devices, pharmaceutical, and consumer goods giant Johnson & Johnson (J&J), reported expectation beating third-quarter numbers, thanks to good sales in the turnaround of the baby care business and cancer drugs. The company rebranded and relaunched its baby business after losing market share to the likes of Jessica Alba's The Honest Company.


JNJ 2Q numbers - beating expectations


Johnson & Johnson is a mega-cap ($354 billion) healthcare giant, owned by most Vestact clients in New York portfolios. It published quarterly results yesterday, before the opening bell. Earnings came in notably higher than expected, and the stock rose 3.5% over the course of the day, to $129.11.


JNJ 1Q numbers - lower taxes means higher investment


Yesterday Johnson & Johnson released 1st quarter results. This is quite a difficult business to understand because of all the moving parts. I will try something different today and use mostly images to explain these numbers.


JNJ FY numbers - diversified growth


Last week, Johnson & Johnson released their 4Q and FY numbers, beating market expectations. One of the reasons why I love the company as an investment is because it is basically three companies in one. Investment bankers have been licking their lips at the prospect of breaking the company up, arguing it unlocks value for the shareholder. A breakup probably will add value in the short term, over time though I think having a strong brand and some diversification across sectors is more important. Here is a breakdown of the company:


JnJ - looking good


- $30 Billion acquisition of Actelion was successful and benefits are flowing in already. - Completed the sale of Codman to Integre for over $1 Billion.


JnJ 2Q numbers


Johnson & Johnson or JNJ if you like, reported numbers for their 2nd quarter of their 2017 financial year earlier this week. The history of any business always fascinates me, in this case there were three brothers (obviously called Johnson), the eldest became a pharmacist and went to NYC to start a career as a drug salesman. He (Robert Johnson) went into business with a fellow called Seabury, back in 1873, selling medicated plasters. In other words, the precursor to the bandaid.


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