Holding, buying and selling shares

Vestact has a very simple approach to the market, we watch a small number of shares that we believe offers the best value now, encouraging our clients to own these shares. To see which these shares are, take a look at our website front page. To check out our past comments, visit the archive.

Vestact facilitates the buying and selling JSE-listed shares on instruction from clients (via the web or via the telephone). Once purchased, these shares are held by First National Bank Securities. Trade execution and settlement is carried out by FNB Securities.

All client share trades are covered by the JSE Guarantee Fund, and client accounts are protected by the JSE's Fidelity insurance cover. Accounts can be moved to Vestact/FNB Securities from other stockbrokers. To facilitate these moves, our support staff will assist you to extract your cash and shares from your current stockbrokers.

Funds for share investments can be deposited at any time into the FNB Securities trust account with First National Bank. Regular payments (for example from your monthly salary) can also be made. Funds are credited to your account and are then available for share purchases. Until applied, these funds are held within the JSE Trustees system, and earn money market related interest.

Share purchases can only be carried out against a positive cash balance. Proceeds from share sales are also credited with same day value for interest accrual.


The Vestact fee structure is simple and transparent. An annual management fee of 1% of the value of the portfolio is levied in 12 equal portions of 0.08333% per month, with a minimum of R57 per month.

Brokerage fees will be charged on each trade carried out, with a minimum of R260. Brokerage will be based on a sliding scale of 1.5% for trades up to R100 000. The excess over R100 000 to R250 000 will be charged at 1.25%, and the excess over R250 000 to R500 000 at 1.0%, and the amount over R500 000 at 0.75%.

Getting started

You can start by subscribing for a free newsletter with Vestact. You will then receive a daily market update, allowing you to familiarise yourself with our investment approach.

If you are ready to dive right in, send an email to support@vestact.com