FB 3Q - Strong Growth


In his book, Prof. Scott Galloway mention's the fact that Facebook owns three of the five platforms that got to 100 Million Active Users the fastest, i.e. Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. People laughed at the Instagram purchase. Instagram was bought for $1 Billion and everyone and their dog second guessed it. Fast forward to today, it's worth between $60-$100bn in most traditional valuation metrics. Probably one of the best acquisitions in tech in the past 20 years. Instagram is all about the double V's; the visuals and vanity which millennials love so much! This was a big bold bet, and Zuckerberg and team kept the growth going, maintained passion among millennials, it's been a fantastic acquisition.


Facebook 2Q numbers - profits up 71%


It is still a phenomenal story, the growth of Facebook from a dormitory, nearly 13 and a half years ago now. The date most people take as the launch of what is now a sprawling network is 4 February 2004. I had been sitting in my Vestact chair for a little over a year. A few Harvard mates (led by the Zuck) created a platform, before the launch of thefacebook.com, which originally was for connecting people through social networks at colleges. The likes of Berkley, Chicago, Columbia, Cornell, really an Ivy League connection tool.


Facebook 1Q numbers - monster top line growth


Facebook has changed the ways that we communicate with one another. Perhaps the improvements in hardware, handheld mostly, has given platforms like Facebook/Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp the ability to grow sharply. If the front and very important back cameras and delivery mechanism to the internet (Wifi and LTE - 5G nearing) did not exist, we wouldn't be able to share our thoughts, pictures and experiences immediately. It must be far harder to make important decisions as a teen and in the early stages of adulthood when there are all these platforms around. At the same time, it has never been easier to stay in touch with one another than at any other stage in humanity.


Facebook FY & 4Q numbers - better than expected


Facebook reported numbers after hours, for the full year and the fourth quarter. Another beat on both metrics, revenues income - Facebook Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2016 Results. Revenues for the full year clocked 27,638 billion Dollars, an increase of 54 percent from last year. Wow. Net income for the full year topped 10 billion Dollars, up 177 percent from the year prior.


Facebook 3Q numbers - huge revenue growth


Facebook. You may have heard of this business. You may use the products, Facebook being the core one, WhatsApp and Instagram following on their heels very closely. Heck, your Gran may use Facebook. Your teenage friends (more likely kids and grandkids) may not, they go to school with their friends all day and every day, why do they need it? For the record, the folks who spend and are served ads, possibly have larger buying power. Over one billion people exclusively use their mobile phones to interact with Facebook. i.e. no desktop, no laptop. That in itself is amazing. 1.055 billion mobile only monthly users.


Facebook 2Q 2016 numbers - blows market away


Whoa! Facebook just blew the market away in such a huge way last evening with earnings that comfortably topped estimates. This has, in my opinion, become the most watched company in the world, possibly eclipsing Apple. We are living and learning as humans to deal with issues of privacy and what is acceptable and not on the internet, most especially social media. Whilst you can post whatever you want, you should think about it deeply.


Instagram reaches 500 million users


The big news out yesterday on a tech front was from Facebook. Their Instagram app reached the mile stone of 500 million monthly active users (MAU), the more impressive number is that they now have 300 million people using the app daily. The user growth has been amazing since Facebook bought the app for $1 billion back in 2012, the app only had around 30 million MAU back then. Mark Zuckerberg's vision for the potential of the app was amazing, people back then could not understand how an app could be worth that much. The great thing about the app is that it is easy to use and people seem to connect better with images. For Facebook having such a 'sticky base' that is growing quickly means strong revenue streams from the app. In the last set of results, Instagram had over 200 000 businesses advertising on the platform and the estimation from analysts is that revenues will be around $1.2 billion this year.


Facebook 1Q numbers - profit triples


On Wednesday Facebook released their 1Q 2016 numbers and they smoked analyst expectations. The stock was up 7% yesterday. Here are the numbers, Revenue for the quarter is $5.4 billion, up 52% YoY and Net Income is $1.51 billion up 195% YoY, so still huge growth coming through. The big driver of growth has been on the mobile front where revenue grew by 73% and now accounts for 82% of all revenues, mobile is also more profitable than your PC adverts. On the advertising front their average price per advert is up 5% and impression rates are up 50%, both due to a higher mobile to PC mix (adverts on your phone are in your face, where on PC they are to the edges of your screen). Have a look at the huge revenue growth from Facebook since it listed.


Facebook F8 conference - Future looks bright


The F8 developers conference hosted by Facebook finished yesterday, you may not be a developer but part of the conference was explaining a road map for the next 10 years. Here is a summary of what was said at the conference, Here's everything Facebook just announced. If you have the time (30 min) watch the Zuck give his keynote speech, Mark Zuckerberg's keynote at Facebook F8 Developers Conference. The main goal for Facebook is to be a platform for people to connect to each other, to be the platform where developers can build apps that work within the Facebook ecosystem making Facebook a one stop shop. An example is opening up their Messenger app, to allow AI bots to communicate with you. So if you want to get an update on oil talks happening, you would open Messenger, go to your Bloomberg contact and send the contact a message asking about oil. The AI technology will then find what you are looking for.


Facebook full year numbers


Facebook (Fays-book). According to the Dictionary of Naryshkine, "to Facebook" is a verb whereby you will completely ignore the people around you in order to post comments or statuses for maximum likes, mostly to people who are "friends", not necessarily your closest 10 besties. These "interactions" can take place in traffic, either driving or walking (both dangerous), at social gatherings when you are supposed to be talking to physical people, somehow the virtual people always seem more interesting. Weirdly, as online dictionaries point out, the word Facebook is often written with an upper case, yet the trademark name is in lower case, facebook.


Facebook Q3 numbers


Facebook reported numbers post the market close last evening, this was for their third quarter to end September. Highlights include crossing the billion daily active user mark for the first time ever, a 17 percent increase over this time last year, of which 894 million are on their mobile phones (27 percent increase year-over-year), monthly active users are 1.545 billion (1.385 billion on their mobiles, 1 billion on Android phones). And you and I can remember a time when the chattering classes were worried about Facebook being able to monetise mobile, remember that and the "disastrous listing"? Quarterly revenues grew to 4.5 billion Dollars, a record quarter for the company, the lions share of that (4.299 billion Dollars) being advertising. Revenues across all of their geographies grew strongly, when measured against the comparative quarter, take a look at this slide from their presentation:


Facebook 2Q 2015


Facebook. Something your parents did not have, heck they had no idea what a personal computer was, that was something that you only saw around the late eighties. My dad got a Commodore 64, that was the first time that I ever saw something that awesome. It did not capture me straight away, it took a while. I can't even say that I was quick on the draw with Facebook, Twitter I was a little early, Instagram I was way early. WhatsApp, I am getting better at that.


Facebook 1Q 2015


Facebook reported numbers post the market last evening. Facebook, contrary to the chattering classes and naysayers, has turned out to be a solid business run by a fellow that has some serious skills. I think that Mark Zuckerberg is in a league with the business greats, obviously there is a lot of work to do. I get that he wants everyone to have access to the internet, I sometimes think that if I could give the Nobel peace prize to a thing, it would be the internet. Who would get the money, Al Gore? Ha ha, kidding, perhaps it can be donated to Wikipedia. Did you know that Zuckerberg's middle name is Elliot?


WhatsApp crests 800 million users


WhatsApp Y'all? A monster drive to 800 million users is what the company announced on Friday, although the information itself was not on the WhatsApp Blog, you would have thought that might have been a good place to announce it. The company is a little over six years old. In other words, if this were a little human (I have good recent experience with little people of this age), they would be in their first year of school. They would recognise words and numbers, reading would come next year. Not on the Facebook platform ever, not via their investor relations pages. So where was the "official" release that WhatsApp had passed through that milestone? Via a Facebook post by co-founder of WhatsApp, Jan Koum. I took a screen grab of the post, for the simple reason of who liked it:


Jamming more with Instagramming.


Facebook announced a new Instagram app last evening: Introducing Layout from Instagram. For those of you who use Facebook exclusively, Instagram is more about photos, images, letting the picture tell 1000 words. If you want to know how it works, follow the link to the Instagram blog: Introducing Layout from Instagram. Again, there is a link to a help section on the Instagram blog which enables you to see how to use the new app, you can use up to 9 photos and then post them all together, via Instagram. Whilst there are many applications that allow you to do this, this is specifically for integration with Instagram, to allow you to do something different.


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