Apple a profit making machine!


Scott Galloway was asked how the cult of Apple developed. This is what he had to say: So if we have our religion, Steve Jobs is our god. We no longer worship at the altar of kindness or character, but we worship the altar of innovation and shareholder value. This is the individual who's vision and genius created more shareholder value than any company in history. Which is effectively how we decide who our Jesus Christ is in a capitalist society.


Apple FY - On track to break $1 trillion


It was a good year for Apple according to the stock market. The share price is up 60% from precisely 1-year ago. When those full-year results were released in November 2016 there were big concerns about a lack of innovation and how the jewel of the crown, the iPhone, was losing its shine. On the 2nd of November this year Apple released its full-year numbers for the year ending 30 September 2017, which painted a very different picture to these "expectations" from a year ago.


Apple product launch


The Apple event didn't disappoint last night. Even before the product unveiling, we got the first glimpses of the Steve Jobs Theatre. The sunken theatre has a ground level cylindrical entrance, where the roof floats as it sits above reinforced glass. Unfortunately, many of the products being unveiled were leaked before the event, where one commentator joked that the only thing we don't know is if the new iPhone X will be pronounced as 'ten' or 'X'.


Apple 3Q - At a record high


The third quarter is usually the most boring in Apple's cycle. That is because it is the quarter before new product releases are announced which also coincides with the festive season. Not much was expected of last night's results. I must say, I was expecting a disappointment because I personally know a few people who are holding out on renewing their contracts until the new Apple phone is released, hopefully in September.


iPhone turns 10


Loads of Apple articles last week, Michael and I have put together all the links that we think you need (you are welcome), in order to see how far the product has come. There are some suggestions that the smartphone of the future may be glasses, or more augmented reality. The fact is that the iPhone is the most successful consumer product of all time. Last week marked the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone, here are a couple of links to celebrate the occasion. First off here is Steve Jobs introducing it - Steve Jobs' iPhone 2007 Presentation.


Apple's new products


Apple started their annual World Wide Developers Conference in San Jose with a bang yesterday - Apple Special Event. June 5, 2017. A whole host of new products. The opening is hilarious. It takes place in a world without the luxuries of the apps and the iPhone. A world too wild to remember, yet that was a little over ten years ago. The first three minutes intro of the opening note is what I am talking about.


Apple 2Q numbers - A beat and miss


Apple inc., the world's largest company by market capitalisation, reported numbers for their second quarter of their 2017 financial year, after the market closed last evening. Revenues clocked an incredible 52.9 billion Dollars (although that fell short of what Mr. Market was expecting), earnings per diluted share clocked 2.10 Dollars (which was more than Mr. Market was expecting). The last comparable quarter clocked 50.6 billion in revenues and 1.90 Dollars in earnings. International sales represent 65 percent of all of the Apple business, it is fair to say that this is truly a global business with a very large "home" market. The services business continues to make big strides, having the best 13 week quarter in the history of the business.


Apple 1Q numbers - better than expected


Apple, the biggest company in the world by market cap, reported numbers for the "holiday" (their 1st of their new financial year) quarter last evening after the market had closed "regular" hours. The headline pretty much sums it up - iPhone, Services, Mac and Apple Watch Set All-Time Records. iPads, not so much! My feeling on the iPad is that more businesses will be drawn to it in time. Quarterly revenues of 78.4 billion Dollars bested the markets expectations, and unit sales of the newer iPhone clocked 78.29 million. Again, above expectations, which were in the region of 76 million.


The iPhone turns 10


It is the 10 year anniversary of the unveiling of the first iPhone to the public. Obviously the design team and the top management had seen the product and had worked with it before the unveiling. For us mere mortals however, it was the first time that we had glimpsed the future. At the time I remember not thinking too much of the product. I met a fellow shortly after who had an iPhone 1, the original version. The first iPhone I ever had was the 3G version. Since then ..... I have been hooked and become a bigger part of the Apple ecosystem. Before that, I only managed to own an iPod, remember those? I may frame it, use it for art or something like that.


Apple 4Q and FY numbers - lower unit sales


Apple reported numbers after hours last evening, these are for their fourth quarter and ahead of the highly anticipated festive/holiday season. It does include a week of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. These results also included guidance for the current quarter. These have possibly been the most anticipated results for some time now, whilst it is fair to say that this is the weakest comparable year in an absolute age (I think Bloomberg pegs it at 15 years), back then the iPod had only just been released (October 2001). In the Apple 2001 financial year the company had sales of 5.363 billion Dollars and registered a modest loss, they had 4.336 billion Dollars worth of cash (seems like that always is the case), there were 345 million shares in issue and share price ended the quarter at around 15.4 Dollars, adjusted for stock splits, that is 1.10 Dollars back then.


Apple reviews are in, strong initial sale orders


What? Who would have thought that one of the best design teams in the world would delivered great products? I am talking about Apple. I am seeing bloggers complain about x and y, they have probably only seen the product from a distance. I see a WSJ preview of the AirPods - Apple's New AirPods May Look Weird, but They Work Great, in which the author (Geoff Fowler) says: "I initially worried about them falling out, but have been pleasantly surprised they don't."


Apple product launch - new iPhone and Apple watch


It was one of those highly anticipated Apple events last evening, the blogosphere and the guess-a-sphere did get a few things right. Like the no more headphone jack on the iPhone. She gone. The new iPhone 7 is water resistant, the display is clearer and has more colours, the camera looks more awesome (both back and front), great new zoom feature, there are a couple more colours to choose from, the fingerprint sensor has been built into the new home button, the battery is better, the new operating system (iOS 10 now!) looks to win iPhone users back to iMessage, with Siri, search and maps more powerful. That operating system is available next week. They have sold over 1 billion phones, it is the most successful consumer product of all time.


Apple 3Q 2016 - services up, hardware down


It is that time of the year again, when the largest company by market capitalisation, Apple, reports numbers. I get the sense that it used to be the most hyped and anticipated set of numbers on Wall Street, I sense a shift to Facebook. There was very little expected from the maker of fine things, the maker of devices that you may, or may not have thought that you needed. Yet, once you had them, you wondered why you had not used it before. The other thing about Apple products is that they just work. My Mac is indispensable to me. People will spend hundreds of thousands of Rands and finance a vehicle over a period of time, to use the vehicle for five to ten percent of the day, yet a product that they are likely to use for 40 to 50 percent of the day, they just "need it to work". It is actually the same with a bed. Perhaps apply the same logic to a motor vehicle, get a better computer (get a Mac, really, you will thank me later) and a better bed, you spend more time with those two things.


Apple WWDC kicks off


Apple! What a company. Their WWDC 2016 started yesterday. Huh? For those of us who will only frequent stores and not attend the Worldwide Developers Conference in 2016, or any other year, we need to look at these events in relation to our products and more importantly, the future revenue streams of the business that are likely to be generated via better products. And services. You can check out all of the updates pending - Apple Special Event. June 13, 2016.


Apple invests $1 billion in Didi


And then some pretty big news in the wee hours of this morning, here is the WSJ (subscription only) that reports that Apple Invests $1 Billion in Didi, Uber's Rival in China. As you can see, Didi is valued at 25 billion, so that must mean that Apple only owns 4 percent of the company in the recent funding round. And this is less than half a percent of their cash resources. In the history of Apple however, this is the second biggest deal ever, Beats by Dr. Dre still being the biggest. Autonomous cars and car hailing app? Sounds all too familiar, right?


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